Colonial Leaders

Who was Squanto?

helped make a treaty

known for his guidance,advice,and translation

was a great survival of the tribe

kidnapped by white explores

taught the settlers to grow crops

helped communicate

was the tribes interpreter

was captured many other times

was loyal to is trbe

he is helpful

That is Squanto.

A scary Halloween night

One very scary Halloween night there was a full moon.Ambriele,Gentry,Ayva,Miley,Sophie,Sophia,and I went trick-or-treating and we,went past the graveyard.When we were done we went to the graveyard to visit Gentry’s great great grandma.Out of no where a monster named Cameron popped out.He loved cookies.He took Gentry…Cameron’s friend Joey took Ayva,and they disappeared .We went to this abandoned school because we thought that they would be in there.They were in the basement.They were tied up to chairs.We saw them coming so we hid.We snuck past them and went home.We all lived .We never saw them again on Halloween night.


Homecoming is every three years at White Oak.I only went to the game on Thursday.I saw a lot of my friends there. Me,Gentry,Ava,and Adeline sold shirts.We ran around chasing each other.We watched the game for a few minutes.Then I had to leave.On Friday I didn’t get to go because I had other plans.But there was probably a lot of people there.

9/11 Reflection

It was a sad day for all us Americans.We lost many people that day.It was very hard to get over all of it.This event still makes people sad for the people that died.Today because of this 9/11 tragedy there is two water pools in the same place the twin towers were.Today there is a tower close to where the twin towers were.The tower is called the Freedom tower.

Life in 5th Grade

So fare fifth grade has been amazing.In history we do papers or get on your computer.You learn about maps,where stuff is on a map,grid maps,and other stuff.                                                                                                                                              In math we do timed multiplication test,get on computers,watch videos,and more.                                                                           In reading you do tests,quizlet,read books,and a lot more .                                                                                                                In ELA and math we get on computer,math grades and more.                                                                                                           In science you do science experiments,go to the nature center,and a lot more.